Experienced Tree & Hedge Trimming

Hanging Limbs - Tree Trimming

Ensure your trees are safe and healthy with tree and hedge trimming services from Chuck’s Tree Service Inc. in Longmont, Colorado. Proper care not only keeps your property looking neat and tidy, but it also prevents falling branches.

Tree Trimming

Sick trees are dangerous. Obvious signs to look for are split limbs and trunks, hanging limbs, and large cracks in the tree. When you see these issues, it’s time to get an expert opinion. Anyone can cut and trim trees, but it takes a trained professional to ensure the trimming is balanced and healthy for the tree.

Tree Health

Tree trimming is essential to the health of your property’s trees. Think of it as a haircut. Careful trimming reduces weight and wind resistance, and promotes health through a more even distribution of nutrients.

Tree Appearance

Clean up shaggy trees and clear away large limbs that might damage your home or gutters. Our company shapes your trees to help them more easily provide natural benefits like shading and oxygen production. We are experienced in working with a wide range of trees, including:

• Cotton Trees
• Aspens
• Ash Trees
• Maples
• Blue Spruce
• Elm Trees
• Russian Olive Trees

Hedge Trimming

Get hedge trimming services that are customized to your residential or commercial property. Our company offers trimming services once a month during the spring, summer, and fall to keep hedges neat and tidy. In addition to hedge trimming, our team removes all debris.

Contact us in Longmont, Colorado, to properly care for the trees and hedges on your property.