Skilled Plant Care

Maintain the health of your trees and plants with plant care services from Chuck’s Tree Service Inc. in Longmont, Colorado. Our company offers complete plant health care services, including planting and landscaping.
Spraying Fertilizer - Plant Care

Winter Deep Root Watering

Make sure your trees receive the nutrients they need during dry or winter weather. Winter deep root injection pushes water deep into the ground. Depending on the type of tree, fertilizer solutions are added to enhance tree health. These services are helpful during droughts, hot and dry seasons, and low snow levels.

Additional Services

Keep your lawn looking its very best with services from the staff at Chuck’s Tree Service Inc. Our company fertilizes your property’s trees, bushes, and lawns. In addition, our team sprays for a wide range of insects, including:

• Pine Beetles
• Elm Beetles
• Leaf Miners
• Scale Insects
• Epson Beetles
• Minor Mites

Contact us in Longmont, Colorado, to keep your plants, trees, and shrubs as healthy as possible.